Brick Pavers Orange County

brick pavers orange county

Brick Pavers Orange County

Many home and business owners in Orange County, CA, opt for the look and durability of paving stones over concrete and asphalt. Skilled brick pavers in Orange County can create unique patios, walkways, and driveways for each client. You can choose the material, shape, size, color, finish, and style that works best for you. And the interlocking pavers allow for interesting patterns, besides better resisting harsh weather. It is no surprise that paving bricks are so popular. But how do you choose among the three main paver materials: brick, concrete, and natural stone?

Brick pavements allow for a wide range of colors, textures, and patterns. They are also very strong, durable, and resistant to staining. Bricks can be easily cleaned with only a broom and a hose. A little detergent can also help to wash them on occasion, but only heavily oiled areas need sealing. Thus, you may wish to seal bricks near a grill or where a car leaks oil, though sealing is helpful in preventing fading as well. Also, never use calcium chloride to deice brick-paved driveways since it could lead to efflorescence. We at Douglas Masonry & Pavestone have long experience as brick pavers of Orange County. We have the expertise to help you with design, installation, and repair of all manner of brick-paved structures.

Brick vs. Concrete vs. Natural Stone

A second popular material brick pavers in Orange County often install is poured-concrete. This is not the same as the solid driveways that so often crack and spall. Solid concrete-bricks are formed with molds and interspersed with aggregates to add strength. They can be dyed to mimic the look of bricks and sealed to protect their color. The system of interlocking concrete-bricks prevents most damage from snow and ice. And you can expect your drive, patio, or walkway to continue undamaged for many years.

Douglas Masonry & Pavestone is one of the most versatile groups of brick pavers in Orange County, and we love to work with natural stone. Normally, this means flag or field stone, but we also install limestone and numerous other types of stone as requested. Stone does cost more than the other two options covered above, and it isn’t always best in the highest-traffic areas. However, its beauty and uniqueness makes it a great choice for many applications. For commercial and residential paver projects of all descriptions, contact Douglas Masonry & Pavestone at 714-393-8566 or by filling out our online contact form. We also specialize in drought-tolerant landscaping and can help you qualify for the Socal Watersmart Program. We serve Santa Ana, Garden Grove, Westminster, Buena Park, Stanton, Tustin, Irvine, Fullerton, and all of Orange County.