patio design

Orange County, California, has some of the most beautiful houses in the country, but its residents are always looking for ways to improve their properties yet further. One great upgrade is to add a patio or walkway made of stone pavers. The general advantages of patios with interlocking pieces are durability, beauty, and versatility of design. But there are numerous patterns to choose from. Below, we introduce you to the major laying patterns. This will give you some perspective and help you choose the pattern that’s right for you.

The most traditional patterns for patio pavers use rectangular stones and may sport a cobblestone-like look. These are especially a good option for smaller spaces. Here are the three main traditional patterns. Running Bond patterns are laid out in unidirectional rows. Tone, color, borders, and row direction are variables. Herringbone patterns “zig and zag” and may have a border of a contrasting color to add extra “pizzaz.” Basket weave patterns are laid out to form boxes, or blocks of specific colors or sub-patterns.

Patio Design for Orange County, CA

A more modern look, often used on larger patios, is created by using “modular shapes.” These patio pavers may be shaped square, rectangular, or even use asymmetrical stones. The patterns here will not be as repetitive and may use three or four different types of paver pieces. You can also lay down more traditional paving stones in a less traditional manner. Natural paving stones may be used to create a randomized, natural look. And you can also add “false joints” to create polygonal shapes without finding and fitting such unusually shaped pieces.

Finally, also consider the border type you will use. Simply laying the same type of paving stone at a different angle can create a border. Alternating colors, shapes, and styles enhances the contrast. A simple solider course, rectangles in a row, is the most popular border-type. A sailor course, with rectangular pieces laid lengthwise and, perhaps, in multiple rows, is also common. Inlaid borders are especially aesthetic. Inlaid designs can run through the center of patios even as they also line their borders. Finally, consider lining your stonework with local, drought-resistant plants to take advantage of the SoCal WaterSmart Program and help the environment. To learn more about patios and paving stones or for a free consultation, contact Douglas Masonry by calling 714-393-8556. Douglas Masonry serves residential and commercial customers in Santa Ana, Garden Grove, Westminster, Buena Park, Stanton, Tustin, Irvine, Fullerton, and other Southern California communities.