Paver Installation Orange County

Paver Installation Orange County

Putting in a new paved driveway or backyard patio can be quite a challenge, but the results can far outshine what you get with ordinary concrete. You may want to use pavers made of concrete, brick, or natural stone to achieve a durable, attractive finish. The patterns you can create for your patio or drive can be very unique. It’s a great way to express your own style or match and extend your home’s “outdoor ambiance.” Many will prefer to call a professional for paver installation in Orange County. Some will go the DIY route and merely buy material and get sound advice from a contractor. Either way, you can count on Douglas Masonry to help you with your project.

Preparing a solid, firm, level substrate is the first step. One option is to prepare the surface yourself but then hand the job over to a provider of professional paver installation in Orange County. If you choose to lay the pavers down yourself, start along the longest straight wall nearby. But never assume a foundation or curb is perfectly straight. Always use a plumb line set a quarter-inch from the starting point. If you begin even a little off, the problem will grow with each new row of pavers. A tiny gap up against a wall won’t be noticed, however.

Tips on Paver Installation

The next principle for proper paver installation in Orange County is to leave about an eight-inch gap between pavers. Laying them down too tight can lead to problems that are hard to fix. Every once in while, use a new plumb line to see how straight you are running. If you are off a bit, just gradually adjust the inter-paver gaps till you catch back up. Also be sure to use a restrainer of some kind to keep your paving stones from drifting. If left to themselves, they will naturally move out of place. You don’t want to deal with large, gaping gaps in your pavement later on. Better to prevent it than to fix it. Finally, always use a plate guard when tamping down stones. And be sure to read and follow the instructions for applying the polymeric sand.

But if you would rather count on a reliable contractor to handle your paver installation in Orange County, Douglas Masonry has a solid reputation in the area. They have long served residents in Santa Ana, Garden Grove, Westminster, Buena Park, Stanton, Tustin, Irvine, Fullerton, and other Orange County communities. Feel free to contact Douglas Masonry for a free consultation by calling 714-393-8556 or by filling out the online contact form.